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Why take Alexander Technique lessons?

People take Alexander Technique lessons because they seek the important practical benefits that AT study can provide. These benefits can include pain relief, improved posture, greater ease and freedom of movement and relief from stress, among others.  Scientific studies have demonstrated the value of Alexander Technique lessons; you can read about the studies here.

What’s an Alexander Technique lesson like?

An Alexander Technique lesson is a fun and stimulating experience.  Students observe their own movements, thinking and reactions while learning to make choices they often find easier and more enjoyable.  This learning happens in collaboration with a highly skilled teacher using gentle touch and verbal cues to guide the student.

You can read more about lessons and about the Alexander Technique by consulting the FAQ page of this website.

Why should I choose Tim as my AT teacher?

Tim is passionate about providing each student with a warm and supportive learning environment.  To foster that environment, he brings a blend of patience, humor and insight to each Alexander Technique lesson.  This blend is attuned to the specific needs of each student and to the possibilities arising in each moment.  Because of this individualized approach, Tim has facilitated many valuable discoveries and insights among his students.  He is grateful for the opportunity to help people discover and refine the life-changing skills that comprise the Alexander Technique.Tim offers a student chair work

What’s the cost of a lesson?

An individualized 45-minute lesson costs $75.  Two people can share a lesson, splitting both the 45 minutes and the $75 cost between themselves.  A package of 10 individualized lessons, paid in advance, costs $700.  A sliding scale is available for highly committed students who meet specific income criteria and who want to take an extended course of lessons.

How many lessons will it take?

There are no hard and fast rules about the number of lessons a student will need, or want, to take.  The goal of the learning is for the student to be able to practice the Alexander Technique independently.  Because our habits are tenacious, it can take six months of weekly lessons to approach that goal.  That said, some people study for shorter periods and get meaningful benefit from short-term study.  Meanwhile, other students continue taking AT lessons for many years because they place a high value on learning about themselves and on improving their functional capacity.


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