Student Testimonials

Alexander Technique Testimonials
Paul B.entrepreneur
“You are a favorite teacher of mine. You have really cleared away the mess of how differently everyone teaches and thinks.

I am imagining you staking a claim in the woods, and all the mess collected by others lying around in chaotic piles. You patiently look over what they left, and you trim and stack what you want to keep, with discernment. The rest you burn for warmth in the night.

The result is a clear living place, neatly appointed, in which you can function in the manner you desired ‘before you were born.’

No one could go wrong coming to you for lessons.”

“My time as Timothy Tucker’s student was an amazing gift. His teaching of the Technique and hands-on work led to many important discoveries and an increased awareness.

After my third lesson with Tim something seemed to click. As I was walking out of the studio after the session I felt so in touch with my body and walking around the city felt delicious. I felt in perfect harmony with my body and every step I took, every move I made was effortless.

With the proper guidance you can start practicing and applying Alexander any where and at any moment. I know that I have only begun to scratch the surface of this wonderful technique and that fills me with excitement.”

Katherine historian
“With Tim, every Alexander lesson is a revelation. Each time, I discover a new spot where I hold painful tension or tightness. And each time, with Tim’s guidance, I come away with less pain, more ease of motion—and all with less effort. There is no homework, other than to pause just before moving, and to practice what Tim calls ‘constructive rest.’ It’s a delightful assignment!”
Mike B.retired
“Recently I had the opportunity to take lessons with Tim Tucker and am very happy that I did, as the results exceeded my expectations.

When I started I was having trouble swallowing. I had been to doctors who performed many tests and prescribed muscle relaxants but were unable to find a solution. After three lessons with Tim the swallowing problem ceased to trouble me. Also, my posture has improved greatly while walking or sitting. I find doing tasks easier, with more ease of motion.

Tim explains things in a very clear way and is gentle when any kind of manipulation is needed. I’m very happy with what I have learned from Tim and plan to continue taking lessons in the future.”

As you can see, Tim’s students have accrued significant benefits and enjoyment from their lessons with him.  Why not book a lesson with Tim and experience the benefits and pleasure of learning the Alexander Technique?  See here for details and a convenient way to sign up.