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You can be more comfortable, upright and effective…you can learn the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique exists to help you make fundamental improvements in your life.  It’s an educational process that can make your daily activities easier, more enjoyable and more interesting than you imagined possible.  The AT can deliver these benefits by helping you to abandon habits that make sitting, standing and walking more painful, laborious and energy intensive than they need to be.  Learn to unleash your natural coordination, alignment and balance; discover how you can move and breathe with greater ease, efficiency and pleasure, even in stressful situations.  Learn the Alexander Technique!

Alexander Technique lessons can help you to:

 Reduce or end back, neck and joint pain
• Improve posture, balance and alignment
• Manage stressful situations confidently
• Become more mobile, flexible and agile
• Achieve peak performance as a musician, actor, dancer or athlete

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What students are saying:

“My time as Timothy Tucker’s student was an amazing gift.  After my third lesson with Tim something seemed to click.  I felt in perfect harmony with my body and every step I took, every move I made was effortless.”

Jose D., actor

“When I started I was having trouble swallowing.  After three lessons with Tim the swallowing problem ceased to trouble me.  Also, my posture improved greatly while walking or sitting.”

Mike B., retired

“You are a favorite teacher of mine. You have really cleared away the mess of how differently everyone teaches and thinks.  No one could go wrong coming to you for lessons.”

Paul B., entrepreneur

“With Tim, every Alexander lesson is a revelation. Each time, I discover a new spot where I hold painful tension or tightness. And each time, with Tim’s guidance, I come away with less pain, more ease of motion—and all with less effort.”

Katherine C., art historian

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You can learn to make life easier, simpler and less painful for yourself.

Would you like to improve your posture?  Is pain making it difficult for you to live the way you want to live?  Are you eager to learn new strategies for managing stress and improving your relationships?

The Alexander Technique has helped many people to successfully address these problems.  It’s an educational process that can teach you easier and more comfortable ways of doing whatever you need to do.  This process takes the form of a supportive, dynamic collaboration between student and teacher that spotlights habits causing needless strain and discomfort.  Once these habits are clearly revealed, you can choose fresh ways of thinking and moving that support your well being and conserve your energy.

Tim Tucker is a nationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.  Tim can help you to gradually replace painful, unproductive habits with conscious choices that promote ease, balance and flexibility.  Give yourself the gift of mindfulness amidst your daily activities.  Learn to move more comfortably and confidently while enjoying the pleasure and depth of even the simplest action or gesture.

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