Timothy Tucker, teacher of the Alexander TechniqueAbout Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker had his first Alexander Technique lesson in 2012.  That lesson was permeated by deep skepticism and confusion, but Tim was too struck by his own ignorance to dismiss the AT.  After one year of intensive private study, he decided to train at the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT), the oldest and best-known school of its kind in the Americas.  In 2016, Tim received his certification from ACAT following completion of a three-year, 1,600 hour curriculum.

Tim has studied Zen Buddhism at the Village Zendo since 2007, becoming a Dharma Holder in 2018.  He has found the Alexander Technique to be highly complementary to Zen practice in all its aspects.  It was Zen that led Tim to the Alexander Technique, and he is grateful to have both practices informing each other and supporting his daily life.

Prior to becoming an Alexander teacher, Tim spent many years working as a security analyst at large financial institutions.  Before embarking on his career as a security analyst, Tim worked as an artist in film, video and lighting design.  He graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature.

Tim is a member of both the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) and ACAT.  He served as secretary for ACAT’s Board of Directors and as an assistant teacher on the ACAT training course for two years following his graduation.  Tim formed Alexander Technique Now, LLC (“ATN”) in 2016 and offers his Alexander teaching services through, and is the Member of, ATN.




A personal message from Tim

“I used to feel excruciating pain at the base of my neck, extending into my left shoulder.  For years, the cause of this pain and how to rid myself of it remained unknown to me.  This was intensely frustrating.  I tried massage, physical therapy, exercising and stretching, but the pain always returned.

After a few Alexander Technique lessons, this neck and shoulder pain disappeared.  On top of that, I began to feel pain less frequently in the rest of my back, and my “bad” right knee began hurting less and less.  I found greater freedom and an improved sense of self confidence and pleasure in my movements.  My growing self awareness and expanding functional competency were both surprising and deeply satisfying.

Today I rarely feel pain like I did before, and when pain resurfaces I know how to handle it properly.  Having learned a technique that helps to prevent pain and injury, I no longer feel lost or bewildered when my body hurts.  My movements are truly a source of fascination to me.  I relish the opportunity to continually refine my comfort with, and insight into, the ordinary activities that fill my days and nights.”

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